Why Haiti Still Needs Your Help

Interestingly, the richest country in the Western Hemisphere lies just 700 miles from the poorest country, which is Haiti. But the economic difference between the two is immeasurable. Haiti still suffers from too much poverty, which is seen in their limited supply of food, clothing, and their inability to get good education.  Haiti is considered to be the most impoverished nation in the whole Western Hemisphere. Its facilities are barely functioning and the government has been ruled by greed.

And contrary to what other people think that suffering in Haiti only begun after the great earthquake, the truth is that the country has been in misery for too long already. Worse, Haiti became one of the most devastated places of the recent Hurricane Matthew.

It is true that Haiti went into severe depression after the earthquake that occurred in the year 2010. And although people from all across the globe tried to send their help, the donations were not used to their best use. Most of the money was misspent and there were lots of projects that were never started. There was even the controversy regarding Red Cross, wherein the organization was able to collect millions of donations, but the money was never accounted for. Now, the Haitians are met with another bigger problem, the rise of cholera, wherein there are nearly 10,000 Haitians who already died because of the epidemic.

So do you think Haiti still needs your help? Of course, yes. This is the reason why Caiman Haiti Foundation is here to bring hope to these people. Through the book entitled A Patriotic Man Living Abroad, which is already available in Amazon, the organization is able to finance their goal of helping Haiti. So if you want to take part of this cause, you could do us a favour and download the book your own.